Men's Collection

The Silver Collective recently introduced a small range of men’s jewellery, alongside its collection for women — though of course, many styles within The Silver Collective’s collection is unisex.

Whether you’re after a gift for a friend or you’re a gentleman looking to accessorise the men’s jewellery collection is a must-see. As an emerging name for men’s jewellery in Australia, our pieces are made for everyday wear. Effortless, subtle — yet still striking — you’ll be able to find the perfect complement to any outfit.  

The men’s jewellery collection is a perfect fit for men who may not typically be big on accessorising. Encompassing hand-drawn designs featuring rhodium plating, our online men’s jewellery is high-quality and durable.

Our top tips for styling men’s jewellery 

Not sure where to start with your newest piece? Read on to discover our handy guide for styling our range of men’s jewellery:

  • Rings

Wearing a ring is an easy way to complete a look, whether it’s jeans and a tee or a suit. Wear as many or as few as you want — either way will make a statement. Something understated and solo on your hands can speak volumes about your refinement and taste for elegance. Conversely, you can go all out, rockstar style, and load all of your fingers up with a selection of pieces. The choice is yours.  

You can also choose to coordinate. Our ring selection can easily be paired with our other men’s jewellery pieces. Whether you prefer to wear it on your traditional ring finger or pinky, comfort and confidence go hand in hand with our men’s rings. 

  • Necklaces 

Our range of necklaces is highly versatile, pairing equally well with a plain tee or smart casual attire. A necklace can drape over your shirt to add some edge to a casual ensemble — and it looks particularly nice with a ring or two hanging off it.

A 55-63cm pendant necklace will drape above the chest and 75cm with hang at the centre of your chest. 

Shop the men’s jewellery Australia loves at The Silver Collective

The Silver Collective, is a family-run business with all designs hand-sketched in house.  Naturally, the brand released a collection of men’s jewellery in Australia, to compliment the owner’s male family members who wanted to wear The Silver Collective jewellery.

The Silver Collective has got everything you need. Have a questions or want to learn more about the collection of online men’s jewellery? Reach out to the team via the Contact Us page here.

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Men's Collection

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Whether it’s for a gift or because you’re treating yourself, finding the right men’s jewellery doesn’t need to feel like a struggle. At The Silver Collective, we sell men’s jewellery in Australia that’ll impress gentlemen of all tastes. Whether you’re seeking something discerning or you know the man in your life loves items that are a little different, we’re confident our men’s jewellery online will leave you feeling impressed.

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Sourcing the best men’s jewellery in Australia

At The Silver Collective, we believe our customers deserve the best items for great prices. Because of this, we spend lots of time hand-picking our men’s jewellery in Australia. Each item you see on our site benefits from high-quality finishes and is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Buying our men’s jewellery is an excellent way to give a gift that shows how much you care. Gifting jewellery is often a highly personal decision that demonstrates plenty of thought and love. Because if this, if there’s a man in your life you’re looking to impress, we recommend giving them something from our men’s jewellery range. Alternatively, if you’re not sure what they may want, you can give them one of our gift cards.

Buying men’s jewellery online that’s high-quality

Why settle for anything less than excellent when you’re buying men’s jewellery online? We believe in delivering high-quality results, no matter what you purchase. Each item benefits from an intricate approach that guarantees you’ll love it for years to come. And, as a fashion-forward bunch, we’re always looking for new types of men’s jewellery to delight our customers with.

To learn more about our men’s jewellery in Australia or to discover something from our women’s collection, reach out to us today for more information.