How To: Ring Stack

Build the ultimate ring stack with our go-to guide — learn how to find your ring size, mix metals and wear statement rings with confidence.


Midi & Pinky Rings

Give shape and balance to your stack by adding midi and pink rings, essential for ring stacking. Use the same ring size as your midi for your pinky finger. Sizes 4 and 5 are commonly worn as a midi or pinky ring. Our most popular rings for this style are the Drew Ring Set and Ginger Ring.

Mixing Metals

Dare to be bold by choosing to pair different coloured metals. The key to a seamless stack is to only use 2 different colours. The Emma Ring is perfect to stack in both gold and silver.

Opposites Attract

Mix plain metal bands with texture and sparkle — play with different ring weights, shapes and sizes to create a stack that best suits your style. The Elle Ring is the right choice to make a subtle statement.

Statement Rings

Give your statement ring a moment to shine — pair the boldest ring with finer, more delicate styles to avoid a heavy stack. The Sia Ring and Molly Ring are versatile pieces that pair well with any statement style.

Less Is More

Stacking doesn't always mean wearing a lot of rings. Suitable for the minimalist, our popular Carmen Ring Set is designed to be worn stacked or individually across multiple fingers for an effortless everyday look.

Find Your Ring Size

Not sure what size your fingers are? Add our FREE ring sizer to your order to find your perfect fit.