Necklace Layering 101

Finish your look by building the perfect necklace stack — Learn how you can layer your necklaces and let them sit beautifully on your décolletage

Play with Length

Having different lengths is essential in creating the ideal silhouette. Start at the shortest length with a choker and work from there by adding a chain or pendant necklace.

Mix & Match

Give your necklace stack more substance by contrasting the textures of your chains. You can do this by pairing a thinner chain like the Bernadette with a thicker chain like the Aria.

Choose a Focus Piece

Pick your favourite necklace and style your stack around it. You can choose to opt for simpler chains to not take away from the focus piece.

Keep it Neat

Let your necklaces lay beautifully on your décolletage by attaching them to a necklace clasp — choose from 2 or 3 layering options