How To: Earring Stack

Master the art of earring layering and create the perfect stack with our new arrivals, designed to mix and match to develop your personal style. Whether you have one piercing or multiple, we have put together the ultimate guide to help curate the stack that best represents you.


For the Minimalist

If you are new to earring layering, start with a simple stud and style a story around it. Pair delicate pieces that compliment each other and that you can wear everyday.



Use earring chains to create multiple looks with the same earrings. Removable chains, such as the Yan and Bel Earring Chain, are the secret to maximising the wearability of your earrings - loop under, link over to the next earring or leave to dangle.

Styling Ear Cuffs

Add the illusion of multiple piercings with ear cuffs. Ear cuffs are the key to layering and are designed to stack and style to create a fuller look, no matter how many piercings you have

Mix and Match

Pair your everyday jewellery with something special by combining plain metals with stones to create contrast and balance. You can also mix up the colours of your metals, or wear different earrings on each ear.

Earring Sets

Not sure where to start? We have combined our favourite earrings to make layering a breeze.

Make a Statement

Steal the show and let a pair of statement earrings do all the talking.

Ear Piercing Guide

Note sure where your next piercing should be? Picking a location for your piercing is easy once you understand the different ear piercings available.