Hoops not clicking? Easily fix them by following our guide below!

Huggie Earrings

Huggies are perfect for everyday wear, with no post pressing against your skin! Our huggie earrings are made from 925 Sterling Silver, this means they are also great for those with sensitive skin, plus they're WATERPROOF.

Huggies not 'clicking'

Due to the soft nature of 925 Sterling Silver, it can bend if pressure is applied. Therefore closing the huggie post with extra pressure can cause the post to no longer 'click' into place making it appear 'loose' or 'broken'.

To get your earrings 'clicking' again, gently bend the the post backwards so it is aligned with the notch in the earring. You may have to gently bend the post a few times until the post is aligned and you can hear is 'click' into place.

Once aligned, the earring should now close securely!


Watch our Video Tutorial

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