Crafted with Freshwater Pearls & 925 Sterling Silver, our Freshwater Pearl Jewellery is waterproof, affordable and skin friendly. Whether you are after our Pearl Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets or Rings, Pearl Jewellery is the perfect drop of luxury that is suitable for everyday wear.

Beginners Guide to Pearls

New to Pearl Jewellery? Learn how to introduce Pearls to your style with our Beginners Guide!

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1. How to Care for Freshwater Pearls?

To maintain its lustre and shine, proper care is needed. Gently wipe the Pearls with a microfibre polishing cloth to remove any dirt or residue. Keep housed in a place away from direct sunlight, and remove before coming in contact with perfumes, chlorine, hand sanitisers or foreign substances that may react with the material.

2. Are Pearls Waterproof?

Yes, however proper care is needed to ensure the Pearl maintains its durability, lustre and shine.

3. What is the difference between Freshwater Pearls and Saltwater Pearls?

Freshwater Pearls come from mussels from freshwater bodies whereas Saltwater Pearls are from saltwater environments like the ocean. Saltwater Pearls are more consistent in shape and size. Its oyster only produces one pearl at a time and therefore are more expensive.

4.  How can I style my pearls?

Pearls are a classic staple jewellery that transcends seasonal trends. They are perfect for elevating any look and outfit for any occasion. Checkout our Beginner's Guide to Pearls for styling tips on Pearl Jewellery.

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