Warranty Information

THE SILVER COLLECTIVE offers a six month manufacturers warranty with every piece of jewellery purchased in-store and online. This warranty is effective from purchases made from the 1st of September, 2023. The item, the date of purchase and proof of purchase must be retained for warranty to be valid. Our jewellery is of delicate nature and care must be taken when worn. To  ensure the longevity of your Jewellery, we recommend to follow the care instructions. 

This warranty covers manufacturing defects. This does not include tarnishing, general wear and tear, chain breakage, neglect, and the loss of an item. The warranty is voided if the jewellery has been lost, bent, engraved, altered and modified, damaged by accident, misuse, and discolouration caused by scratches and foreign substances. 

Our Waterproof Jewellery can be worn in water and is made for everyday wear. Our warranty covers the fading of plating in the case where the 925 sterling silver piece beneath starts to show.

All metals can tarnish over time. However, contact with foreign substances such as hand sanitiser, cleaning agents, soap, cosmetic products, and acidic skin types can cause discolouration much faster. Tarnishing and discolourations caused by the above reasons will not be covered under this warranty.

Scratches are also not considered a manufacturing defect, meaning it is not covered under warranty as they occur from everyday wear. This includes the wearing down of plated surfaces, physical contact, and friction against other hard and/or rough surfaces will cause the plated layer to wear. This is considered general wear and tear and will not be covered under warranty.

Jewellery that has been deemed faulty by THE SILVER COLLECTIVE will be offered a replacement or store credit. 

Please note that your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement.

If you are unsure if your item is covered under warranty, please email our Silver Support team at online@thesilvercollective.com.

Faulty Items

Our warranty is only valid when the issue is proven a manufacturing default by our after-sales care professionals. It is at our discretion whether the faulty product will be replaced.

To make a warranty claim, please bring your proof of purchase in store, or contact our Silver Support team at online@thesilvercollective.com with your order number or proof of purchase, full name of purchaser and multiple images and description of the issue for an assessment.

Please note that wear and tear of normal use is not considered a fault. THE SILVER COLLECTIVE jewellery pieces are delicate in nature and should be handled with proper caring instructions. For further information or any enquiries, please contact our Silver Support team via online@thesilvercollective.com or call (02) 9550 4268.