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Are you looking for affordable jewellery? The Silver Collective aim to help you save money while still looking your best. The collection is always cost-friendly, but who doesn't love an extra saving?


Melanie Ring Silver Melanie Ring SilverOn Sale
$69.00 $45.00
Tyler Ring Set Silver Tyler Ring Set SilverOn Sale
$85.00 $59.00
Ava Ring Ava RingOn Sale
$69.00 $49.00
Amelia Necklace Silver Amelia Necklace SilverOn Sale
$75.00 $52.00
Amelia Earrings Silver Amelia Earrings SilverOn Sale
$55.00 $39.00
Amelia Ring Silver Amelia Ring SilverOn Sale
$55.00 $39.00
Dion Earrings Silver Dion Earrings SilverSold Out
$44.00 $30.00
Stevie Earrings Silver Stevie Earrings SilverOn Sale
$49.00 $43.00
Dion Necklace Silver Dion Necklace SilverSold Out
$55.00 $39.00
Stefania Ring Silver Stefania Ring SilverOn Sale
$59.00 $44.00
Stefania Drop Earrings Silver Stefania Drop Earrings SilverOn Sale
$110.00 $79.00