It Takes A Team

It Takes A Team

When Maria and I started THE SILVER COLLECTIVE, we always hoped that one day we would have a team around us to share the highs and lows with. 5 years later, we have successfully grown this small start up into a successful business but more than that, we have created a new family. 

So who else is behind the scenes? Each and every member of our team is equally important and plays a pivotal role each day however today I’d like to introduce you to our right and left arms, Heidi and Melanie. 

Heidi Huttunen

Heidi joined our family last year and was quick to hit the ground running. Although her current title is “Graphic Designer”, we all know that she is that and so much more! Heidi is the greatest "two in one deal” (and we didn’t even know it when we met) as her photography background has also been adopted by the brand. From teaching me (so patiently) about graphic design and photo editing to shooting all our campaigns and bringing our ideas to life, Heidi is our team captain in the creative side of our TSC brain.


Melanie Vatos

Melanie joined us as a casual Ecommerce Assistant and has quickly worked her way up to our Ecommerce and Retail Manager. If you ask Melanie, she will tell you that she manages a team of nine however anyone who has worked one day in our office can tell you that she manages the whole office (including Maria and I). We often joke that Melanie is our boss, keeping us in line however it is through her passion and drive that she keeps us dreaming big and inspires the growth of this business. Melanie has been a huge part of setting up our new Miranda boutique. From writing up training programs and guidelines to training our in-store team while working along side them until they are confident, she has lead the ship. 


Maria and I have a weekly scheduled meeting with Heidi and Melanie where we brainstorm new creative ideas for the brand. No matter how chaos our weeks are, these meetings are non-negotiable. It is here that the ideas of campaigns, photoshoots, bake-offs and much more are born. It is through many cups of coffee, brutal honesty and a mutual love for the brand (and each other), that we create the magic that is THE SILVER COLLECTIVE.


Owning a business doesn’t mean that you own all the success that comes with it. Maria and I are so proud to say that our current team are the sugar and spice that make up THE SILVER COLLECTIVE. The saying “it takes a village,” resonates within our brand. It truly does take a team or in our case a family to run a business like ours.