Q&A: Behind The Boutique

Q&A: Behind The Boutique

With the countdown on until the big opening of our first flagship boutique (in Westfield Miranda no less) excitement is bubbling between the team. The weeks have certainly crept up and we cannot believe we are in the final weeks of preparation. I snatched a moment with the women driving the TSC bus, Maria and Anastasia, amidst the piles of colour samples, jewellery and cups of coffee. I see the nerves and excitement in their eyes as I pull out my questions…don’t worry I went easy on them!


What makes THE SILVER COLLECTIVE boutique unique?

Anastasia: “We handpicked everything that is going into the boutique. “We’ve also tried to minimise our carbon footprint by sourcing up-cycled interiors such as recycled stone and a repurposed flower urn.””

Maria: “We’re creating an atmosphere for our customers to enjoy the whole shopping experience.”


Have you had disagreements throughout the process? Who usually gets their way?

Side note, this question had a suspicious side eye between the two, but I’ll let it slide…this time!

Anastasia: “I don’t think we’ve argued about the store, it’s definitely been a stressful time where we have had our moments of taking it out on each other, but I wouldn’t say we argue.”

Maria: “We argued about the opening date.”

Anastasia: “That’s the only thing we disagreed on. But usually Maria gets her way.”


What has your biggest pinch me moment been?

Anastasia: “I think announcing that we were opening a boutique, telling everyone what we were planning because it was just more an idea in the office.”

Maria: “Every time we go to the boutique and see what they’ve done (enter shriek voice) ahhh can’t believe it’s happening.”

Anastasia: “Realising people are going to be walking around Miranda holding our TSC carry bags.”


In three words describe the feel/vibe of the interior?

Maria: “Young, fresh and luxe.”

Ok so here things got messy.

Anastasia: “Young! Why young? I feel like that is something only old people say”

After composing ourselves Maria proceeded to explain.

Maria: “Young because it’s got modern technology in it like the TV screens with the changing pictures and we’re creating a space we’re customers can take selfies and enjoy the whole experience.”


Any words of wisdom for women in small businesses.

Maria: “Give it a go! Believe in yourself and just take the chance.” 


What has this year taught you?

Anastasia: “This year has taught us that if you want something bad enough you will work for it and that there is no business without a team to support you. The people you surround yourself with are so important and this year has definitely proved that.”

Maria: “We’re grateful for our team that has helped us grow because seriously, with the business growing as it is, there is no way we could have done it by ourselves.”


It’s safe to say Maria and Anastasia have captured the essence of a modern business that is to be admired. As a part of the team, it is inspiring to be on this journey and incredibly exciting! As Maria said, ‘I can’t wait to sit at the café across from the boutique and just watch what happens’. It’s this quiet confidence that the brand holds that is most inspiring….it just makes me want to happy dance all around the office!